Vegetable Word Search Puzzles

June is Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Month!

Vegetable Word Search Puzzles

I wish that I could tell you how much I loved vegetables as a kid. But the truth is, I hated them. Maybe not all of them, but most of them.

The only think I would really eat, was broccoli and it had to have cheese on it. Does that count?

My mom was really good about cooking veggies at every meal. We had peas, corn, greens, green beans, cabbage; the works.

I just was not interested. Now that I'm older, I love them. So there's still hope for your kiddos!

The thing to do is teach them how beneficial vegetables are. Like how they make your skin beautiful and your hair strong and shiny. Or how they keep you well and "regular" so that you don't get sick.

Now maybe if I had heard those things growing up, I would have eaten more vegetables- without cheese.

Have fun!

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