How To Make Your Own
Word Search Puzzles

It's pretty easy to make a word search puzzle. All you need is a free word search maker; a concept; and a list of words.

Why create your own word search?

It's fun; it makes a good impression; and the content is much more memorable to the player.

Making your own allows you to personalize the search content for your specific event.

For example you might make your own puzzle for a shower or family event. Include words relative to your theme and include names of family members too.

Everyone will love seeing the familiar names of family members, maybe even their own. You could even take your guest list and create a word search using the names of your guests.

Maybe you're teaching a specific topic for home school, classroom, or bible study and want to create a word search to compliment the subject matter.

It's easy to do. Here are the steps:

Step 1 Find content for your subject matter. If you can’t come up with relevant words, just do online searches for your topic. I use Wikipedia quite a bit.

Step 2 Pick out key words relative to that subject matter. For example, if your content is about golf, then you would use words like "hole-in-one”,” tee", "golf cart", "golf clubs", etc. To personalize, you can plug in the names of personal friends who golf or the name of a local golf course.

Step 3 Type your list into a text document like Notepad. This will make it easier to copy and paste the words into a word search maker. Pick a Puzzle Maker

Follow the instructions for the puzzle maker you’re using to complete the process and create the puzzle.

Step 4 Add clip art; borders; and other formatting to complete your puzzle's look.

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