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Before I started researching holidays and observances, I used to think that August was boring. It marked the end of the summer months.

There were only a couple of days that were considered "work holidays", and it was time to start thinking about winter Holiday expenses.

Special Weeks
But that was before I knew that August 1st was Respect for Parents Day.

And that the second week in August was National Smile Week. Not to mention, the third week is American Dance Week!

The entire month of August is American Artist Appreciation Month, and on the health side of the coin, this is also Foot Health Month.

Birthdays in August
Two other special days that caught my attention were, August 27th, Mother Teresa's Birthday and August 28th, Dream Day, in remembrance of Martin King's famous speech. Never again, will I consider August to be a boring month. Find more great August Observances to celebrate.

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August Word Searches
Here is the list of available word searches relative to the month of August.

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Golf Word Search August is National Golf Month.

President Word Search Presidential Joke Day is observed in August.

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