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March Days & Observances

From St. Patricks Day to Dr. Seuss's Birthday
March is a fun month of celebrations...

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Okay, I admit, the only thing I really knew about the Month of March was St. Patrick's Day, occasionally Easter, and my Niece's Birthday.

But after a little research, I found out that there are a whole host of events and holidays for this month.

March is American Red Cross Month, Irish-American Heritage Month, Music in Schools Month, to name a few. Not to mention there's Peanut Butter Lover's Day, Poundcake Day, and Girl Scout Day-mmm cookies!

March Word Searches

Easter Word Search: Easter is observed annually in March or April so check your calendar!

Johnny Appleseed Word Search Observe the day set aside to recognize the great John Chapman aka Johnny Appleseed.

Music Terms Word Search Search phrases all related to different types and styles of music, as well and musical terminology.

Science Word Search Observe National Science Week. Scientific terms search.

Scout's Honor Word Search Words that describe great scouts. Fun Word Search. Great for parties, events, or just everyday.

Spring Word Search Break out the sunglasses, the sun is back and the flowers are in bloom!

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