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What's So Great About November?

Free Word Search November: Wow, can you believe it's November already? The year is winding down and a new one is just around the corner. This month is most famous for Thanksgiving Holidays.

Many of us take time off around this season to spend with our family and friends. We eat, socialize, and celebrate.

But it's also a month of very important observances like Child Safety and Protection; National Epilepsy Month, National Adoption Month, and Good Nutrition Month.

We also have more jovial days strewn in such as Candy Day, Basketball Day, and Donut Day and Mom's and Dad's Day!

There are some very special president's birthdays in the the month of November as well: Zachary Taylor and John F. Kennedy Jr.

The most interesting day that I found was, "Stay At Home Because You're Well Day". I thought that was really unique.

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November Word Search Puzzles

Basketball Search Don't forget to celebrate Basketball Day on November 6th!

Career Search November is National Career Development Month.

Thanksgiving Dinner Find the yummy food items listed on this Thanksgiving menu.

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