Christian Word Search Puzzles
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Christian Word Search Puzzles

Here are some additional Christian themed word searches that I have created over the past couple of years.

The format is pdf. And all you have to do is print, photocopy, and they are ready to play.

Christian word searches are particularly popular around holidays like Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. And can be used as icebreakers or group activities.

Resurrection Word Search: Find words relative the the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.

Birth of Jesus Search: Word search made up of words about baby Books of Bible Word Search - See how fast you and your group can find the books of the bible.

B-Attitudes Word Search - What are the Christian attitudes? Can you find them?

Disciples Word Search: Find the Twelve Disciples in record time.

Old Testament Prophets - Locate the prophets of the Old Testament.

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